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Project Description
ExploAzure is a Windows Azure storage management application. It runs on Windows Azure platform. It can manage BLOBs, tables and queues of any storage account or local development storage. It uses ASP.Net MVC on the backend and ExtJS as presentation layer.

Using the service
The service is deployed in Azure CTP account and you can access it at (note https, the service will not respond on http).
You can connect to your Azure storage account by providing account name and shared key. The site is secured with SSL certificate, your shared key is safe.
For more information on how to use the application and to provide a feedback (which is very welcome) please visit
You can download the source code and build your own version or use it as a sample. If you run the app locally, you can monitor your local development storage.

  • Visual Studio 2008 with latest updates
  • .Net Framework 3.5 SP1
  • Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio July 2009 CTP (Get it at
  • Windows Azure Software Development Kit (July 2009 CTP)

Build instructions
  • download the source code (zip or checkout using SVN)
  • Fire up VS2008, open AzureStorageManager.sln and Build/Rebuild solution
  • If running locally in Development Fabric, do not forget to 'Create Test Storage Tables' (right click on AzureStorageManager project in project explorer)
  • The latest sources are configured to use SSL certificates, which is not required to work with development storage. You may want to start with modifying the project to not use certificates and changing the endpoint to use http instead of https.

Running the application
  • You can run the app from within the Visual Studio; Development Fabric and Development Storage will be started for you
  • You can deploy the app into the Development Fabric using csrun from (C:\Program Files\Windows Azure SDK\v1.0\bin):
    • make sure you have csrun in your path or use the full path
    • navigate to Download path\AzureStorageManager\AzureStorageManager\bin\Release
    • run DevelopmentStorage.exe to start the Development Storage (it does not start automatically)
    • run DevtableGen.exe AzureStorageManager.csx\roles\AzureStorageManagerMVC\bin\AspProviders.dll (this creates tables required by MVC in Development Storage)
    • run DevtableGen.exe AzureStorageManager.csx\roles\AzureStorageManagerMVC\bin\AzureStorageManagerMVC.dll (optional, it will create a test table; tables can not be created dynamically when using Development Storage)
    • run csrun.exe AzureStorageManager.csx ServiceConfiguration.cscfg /launchBrowser
    • if you skipped the /launchBrowser, you can navigate to

Running in the cloud
  • Before you attempt to deploy the app in the cloud, do not forget to change protocol to https and port to 443 in ServiceDefinition.csdef

Visit for more information.

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